Géraldine Malet

Géraldine Malet

After more than 10 years as a marketing & communication manager, Géraldine embarked on the adventure of entrepreneurship in 2014 and created her company “Histoires de Contenu” [because everything is a content story!]. Attracted by the digital world and passionate about words and the French language, she quickly made content writing, storytelling and SEO her areas of specialisation. Whether it’s through a video script or a Facebook post, a blog article or a press release, an “about” page or a corporate brochure, she puts her talent as a copywriter and storyteller at the service of companies and entrepreneurs who want to tell their [beautiful] story. If her career path has led her to work closely with certain sectors of activity (the restaurant industry is one of them), she now accompanies entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Recent articles by Géraldine Malet

UPXP – An integrated cryptocurrency solution intended to revolutionize the hotel and restaurant market!

UPXP is a cryptocurrency and reward solution that aims to change the business model imposed by the now ubiquitous food delivery platforms. It has just finalized its integration with HubRise, a hub with more than 90 integrated solutions dedicated to the foodservices industry. Here we take a close look at the disruptive innovation that is UPXP! Meeting with co-founder Richard Szewczyk.

What exactly is HubRise?

With little choice other than to go digital during the crisis, restaurateurs now face a new challenge: that of effectively integrating all their various solutions in order to optimize their operations. In response to this challenge is HubRise, a middleware solution that facilitates technical integrations between different solutions. Encounter with HubRise founder and CEO, Antoine Monnier.

Interview with Thomas Pinet, CEO of Expedy Print: the connected, integrated solution that automates the remote printing of receipts

What if you could easily connect ALL your sales channels to a single printer to automatically print your orders without the need for a PC or tablet? It's possible with Expedy Print by Expedy, a French solution recently integrated with HubRise.

What Features for Your Restaurant’s Online Ordering Solution?

How should you offer an online ordering solution to your customers? Which delivery/takeaway services are already succeeding in this space and why?

Restaurateurs, should you give in to delivery platforms?

Today, consumers are increasingly inclined to use delivery platforms. But is public demand reason enough to take the plunge? Should you give in to Deliveroo and Uber Eats? What benefits can you expect, and what are the risks?

Web design: 4 key elements to consider for your restaurant’s website

46% of consumers search for information on the Internet before choosing a restaurant: how then can you improve your chances of grabbing your online visitors' attention? Here are 4 key elements to consider for your restaurant's website.

6 ways to promote your online ordering site

Want to increase your online revenue? Here we look at 6 ways to promote your online ordering site and support your customers with this change.

4 inspiring fast food concepts

Pieology, Velvet Taco, The Boiling Crab and Amsterdam Falafel Shop: 4 inspiring fast food concepts...

Looking ahead to 2016 and events to celebrate throughout the year

More than 80 dates to celebrate in your restaurant and organize your 2016 schedule from the perspective of sales, marketing and events.

December in your restaurant : 5 keys to make a difference

Discover 5 keys to make a difference in your restaurant in this month of December.

5 ideas to perk up your restaurant in November…

At a time when lots of high street shop fronts are already gearing up for Christmas, here we will suggest some different ideas to perk up your restaurant in november.

5 dates and events to liven up your restaurant in October

From the world vegetarian day to the London restaurant festival, including the world rugby cup or Halloween, October counts many opportunities to liven up your restaurant.

5 mistakes to avoid on your restaurant’s website

Considering that eight people in every ten use the Internet to find a restaurant, your website is clearly a precious tool. Here we look at 5 pitfalls you should avoid to successfully optimise your website's user experience and conversion rate.

Differentiation is no longer an option!

Differentiation is no longer an option in the fiercely competitive world of foodservices! Standing out from the rest is now decisive, whether through your interior décor, visual identity, culinary style or communication strategy.

My restaurant’s logo

Small in size, but key to all your communication, the logo is the most visible element of your restaurant's identity. How to create & choose the right restaurant's logo is what we'll discuss here.

When new technologies reach our tables

Customers, and especially the Y-Generation, are increasingly on the lookout for new technologies. How can restaurant managers meet this need?

7 restaurant ads that have caused a stir!

Ambiguous, socially-driven, wildly creative or plain funny, here are seven restaurant advertising campaigns that have marked the history of restaurant marketing.

Have you heard of HAPIfork?

HAPIfork, the connected fork that monitors your eating habits. Close-up on this new technology for the benefit of our well-being.

How to use Pinterest to boost your restaurant?

Ranking ninth among the most-used social networks, Pinterest can be a powerful vehicle for promoting your restaurant! Find out how to use and integrate Pinterest in your strategy. 

What is food porn?

Food porn is a culinary, social phenomenon that is very much in vogue right now. Identified more than 25 million times on Twitter, it represents a potential marketing opportunity for restaurants. So what exactly is #Foodporn?

El Comodo restaurant uses Instagram to create buzz and keep a full house!

Find out how some restaurant managers have made the most of Instagram, such as restaurant El Comodo, which has been the talk of the web thanks to its excellent social networking.

Ultra-customization: 8 surprising ideas for your restaurant

Customization or personalization is a marketing trend that is in full swing... and it goes way beyond having a sandwich specially prepared for you while you wait!

El Comodo restaurant uses Instagram to create buzz and keep a full house!

Find out how some restaurant managers have made the most of Instagram, such as restaurant El Comodo, which has been the talk of the web thanks to its excellent social networking.

The Hitler Fried Chicken restaurant causes a stir!

A restaurant recently created a great deal of buzz on the back of Thailand's highly controversial "nazi-chic" trend!

Do you speak Web?

Here is a little glossary of 15 highly useful "netspeak" words to help you better familiarize yourself with the world's most universal language...

How some restaurants made the buzz

All companies dream of creating (good) buzz, since it is an excellent way of gaining almost instant notoriety at minimal cost. Find out how some restaurant owners have created buzz using 6 different tools.

The 3Cs theory applied to menus

Your menu not only reflects your cuisine and your personality, it is also an excellent tool for promotion and communication. As such, it must be flawless!

KickStarter, a financing solution for restaurants?

Appeal to your customers to finance the launch of your restaurant

8 ways to communicate using images on social media

Find out 8 ways to efficiently communicate on social media using images.

How to win over visitors in just five seconds via your homepage

The first time a prospective customer sees your homepage is the key moment to make a good impression and to clearly express your message.