New technologies in the restaurant industry

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3 Solutions to Get Online Orders for Your Restaurant

The demand for online orders is only growing, as more customers prefer the convenience and speed of placing orders via a mobile website or app.

Facial Recognition: Is The Fast Food Industry About To Be Revolutionised?

Artificial intelligence is not fantasy any more. Facial recognition is gathering steam. Some fast food restaurants are already testing facial recognition softwares to facilitate the ordering process. Should you pay more attention to this kind of technology or keep calm and carry on?

How To Use 360 Videos To Get More Customers In Your Restaurant

360 videos are all the rage. This article shows you how to take advantage of 360 videos to better market your restaurant.

The Future of Kitchen Automation

More diners are opting for off-premise deliveries than ever before. Restaurant kitchens are therefore under more pressure to deliver a smooth and high-quality service. Kitchen automation software is the future of a streamlined and successful approach.

How To Grow Your Youtube Channels To Attract More Customers

Growing a Youtube Channel is challenging. It is a more serious process than people give it credit for. Here are five essential tips to help you along.

New Payment Technology To Look Out For In 2018

Payment technology has developed rapidly in recent years and yet 2018 looks set to be the year for innovative tech to really take off.

Should Your Restaurant Have A Dedicated Taxi Service?

If you serve great food, then you want your customers to leave with people you can trust. This article shows you different options you can use to see off your customers with the right people. It also introduces an easy solution to hire cabs easily.

How Can Technology Help You With Your Wine List?

A fantastic wine selection can set your restaurant apart from the rest. Wine has become one of the most popular drinks in the UK. It’s time we turn to technology for a helping hand in all things wine.

Attracting footfall and enhancing customer experience with wireless charging

The foodservice industry, typically a pioneer in adopting technological innovation, has an opportunity to attract more clientele by offering wireless charging and provide a solution to consumers.

Integrated Payment : The Next Wave in Restaurant Payment Innovation

64% of Millennials use digital wallets and six-figure earners are twice as likely to use them! It’s time to embrace the new stream of mobile payment solutions.

The Restaurant Of The Future : How Technology Will Change The Dining Experience

Everyone from a single restaurateur through to the largest chains in the world is able to innovate and up-sell through technology.

Lost In Menu Translation: How To Have Your Menu In Multiple Languages

People travel more often. You will get more and more customers who don't speak English. The article is about the best solutions for menu translation.

Can Technology Save Your Restaurant?

Restaurant technology is changing the game and constantly evolving. Is it time you sprinkled some tech magic into your own restaurant?

4 Restaurant Technologies You Need to Have for Your Restaurant Management

Technology is developing at speed, allowing us to progress the restaurant industry and deliver a higher standard of service. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently used restaurant technology solutions, what they do, and how they’ll benefit your restaurant.

How to add the finishing touches to customer experience

Thriving businesses know the secret is in providing exceptional customer experience.This article shows you how to attract more referrals by doing just that.

Digital Menu Boards: Are They Right For Your Restaurant?

Restaurants everywhere are embracing digital menu boards. Find out if this is the next best move for your operation.

Technologies That Help Your Restaurant Comply With Safety Standards

Nothing is more important than food safety in your restaurant. Take a look at some of the latest technologies helping restaurants do a better job.

How To Keep Up With New Technologies Without Wasting Your Time

With the digital revolution transforming our lives, it's hard to keep up with new technologies. This article shows you two ways to stay up to date.

Must Have Features For Your POS System

Choosing the right POS system for your operation is very important. There are lots of options on the market. How to find the best fit for your operation?

How To Programme The Best Music For Your Restaurant

The music you play in your restaurant can either save their night or make it even worse. This article addresses how to choose restaurant music.

Inventory Management Solutions For Your Restaurant

Are you looking for ways to push more to the bottom line for your restaurant? An inventory management solution could be the answer.

How to use chatbots in your restaurant?

Chatbot technology is coming on strong in the marketplace. Find out how to put it to use in your restaurant to grow your sales and traffic.

​Free Online Diary & Electronic Booking System for Small Restaurants

SimpleERB is a free online diary and electronic booking system for restaurants. Maximise restaurant profits and deliver 5-star customer service.

2 Ways To Revolutionise Your Ordering Systems

Paper menus are obsolete. The twenty-first-century offers new ordering systems that help you serve more people with less staff. This article shows you how.

Why You Should Have Charging Stations In Your Restaurant

People are now addicted to their phones. These have a very limited battery life. Learn how to be seen as a saviour by setting up charging stations.

YFood – The Organisation Connecting the Food Tech World

YFood are creating some serious noise in the Food tech community, connecting innovators, investors and brands interested in leading the way within food technology.

Arouse The Interest Of Your Future Customers With A Virtual Tour Of Your Restaurant

Virtual tours are surprisingly economical to make, even when you hire a professional. Here is how to attract more people with a virtual tour of your restaurant.

How To Make Website Building Effortless With Happytables

If the very idea of building your own website scares the Bejesus out of you, this article focuses on a solution that will make everything easier.

5 questions you need to answer before choosing your online ordering solution

Expanding your business outside your four walls is necessary to grow your business. Can an online ordering system help?

How DineTime can improve the dining experience and make your job easier

Designed by QSR Automations Inc., the DineTime solution is a tool used to manage your restaurant and enhance your customers' dining experience.