New technologies in the restaurant industry

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New Technologies

What Solutions Are Restaurants Using to Deliver Hot Food?

As the food delivery landscape continues to expand, so do consumer demands. What concepts are restaurants using to keep food hot and fresh throughout the delivery process?

Restaurant & Food Tech: 5 Events You Should Not Miss in 2020

Restaurant and food tech expos, trade shows and festivals. Which food industry events should restaurant, pub and bar owners be attending in 2020?

Tips for Online Ordering – Restaurant Delivery

So you know you need an online ordering solution, or perhaps you already have one. How can you get the most out of it and make sure it's offering the best customer experience?

Investing in Innovation: What’s on the Menu?

The modern restaurant experience is constantly evolving and it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine which future tech trends are a must-have investment and which are likely to be simply a short-term fad.

Shared Kitchens: An Emerging Concept

Shared kitchens are picking up pace in the US, but what are they, how do they work and will the UK see this shift in popularity too?

No, digital does not undermine your customer relationship

When restaurants embrace new technology, do they lose that human connection, or do the tools of the future compliment and build on relationships?

Which Restaurant Concepts Are Tops in Tech?

When it comes to restaurant tech, which brands are leading the way and which technology is coming out on top? We can learn a lot from the tech innovators out there, changing the space in the food industry.

New Restaurant Technology to Make Pay Easier

Restaurant payment technology such as 'pay at table apps' and QR payment codes reduce customer waiting time and increase overall satisfaction.

Restaurateurs, should you give in to delivery platforms?

Today, consumers are increasingly inclined to use delivery platforms. But is public demand reason enough to take the plunge? Should you give in to Deliveroo and Uber Eats? What benefits can you expect, and what are the risks?

How to Re-Engineer Your Restaurant Menu to Push More to the Bottom Line

The restaurant menu is, without a doubt, the most important cornerstone of a restaurant's success. It represents the very essence of your brand, drives your brand messaging and, most importantly, greatly influences profitability. It must be tuned to perfection in order for you to be successful and thrive in your restaurant business.

How Innovative Packaging Can Help You Gain and Retain Customers

Innovative packaging that is both forward-thinking and sustainable, can it really help you reach new customers?

How to Choose an Online Ordering Solution for your Restaurant?

It is predicted that the takeaway and food delivery market in the UK will rise to over £11 billion by 2021. If you run a delivery business it's crucial to have some form of online ordering solution. So how to do you select the best platform for your business needs?

Interactive tables – No Longer a Luxury, but a Necessity

Thinking about upgrading your restaurant with interactive tables? See the benefits your restaurant.

Why Integrations Are the Future of Restaurant Tech

As the impact of technology on restaurant operations grows, how can we relieve the pressure of using multiple systems simultaneously?

Reputation Management Solutions For Restaurants

Reputation management has become a serious challenge for businesses. This article discusses solutions to improve your online reputation as a business.

Voice Technology: A Cutting Edge Restaurant Marketing Solution

Restaurant marketing is evolving and the newest trend to reach this expanding industry is voice technology

Using Technology and Guest Personnalisation to Promote Customer Loyalty

Want to know the secret behind making your customers feel special? Giving them completely personalised treatment! Let us show you how to use technology to offer your diners a customised restaurant experience.

6 Must-Have POS Features Every Successful Restaurant Should Use

Go beyond fleeting trends with a must-have business management toolkit that is here to stay - a reliable and feature-rich POS system.

Geofencing Marketing in the Restaurant Industry

Geofencing is a disruptive marketing strategy allowing restaurant owners to increase their turnover and connect with their customers in an innovative way.

3 Solutions to Get Online Orders for Your Restaurant

The demand for online orders is only growing, as more customers prefer the convenience and speed of placing orders via a mobile website or app.

Facial Recognition: Is The Fast Food Industry About To Be Revolutionised?

Artificial intelligence is not fantasy any more. Facial recognition is gathering steam. Some fast food restaurants are already testing facial recognition softwares to facilitate the ordering process. Should you pay more attention to this kind of technology or keep calm and carry on?

How To Use 360 Videos To Get More Customers In Your Restaurant

360 videos are all the rage. This article shows you how to take advantage of 360 videos to better market your restaurant.

The Future of Kitchen Automation

More diners are opting for off-premise deliveries than ever before. Restaurant kitchens are therefore under more pressure to deliver a smooth and high-quality service. Kitchen automation software is the future of a streamlined and successful approach.

How To Grow Your Youtube Channels To Attract More Customers

Growing a Youtube Channel is challenging. It is a more serious process than people give it credit for. Here are five essential tips to help you along.

New Payment Technology To Look Out For In 2018

Payment technology has developed rapidly in recent years and yet 2018 looks set to be the year for innovative tech to really take off.

Should Your Restaurant Have A Dedicated Taxi Service?

If you serve great food, then you want your customers to leave with people you can trust. This article shows you different options you can use to see off your customers with the right people. It also introduces an easy solution to hire cabs easily.

How Can Technology Help You With Your Wine List?

A fantastic wine selection can set your restaurant apart from the rest. Wine has become one of the most popular drinks in the UK. It’s time we turn to technology for a helping hand in all things wine.

Attracting footfall and enhancing customer experience with wireless charging

The foodservice industry, typically a pioneer in adopting technological innovation, has an opportunity to attract more clientele by offering wireless charging and provide a solution to consumers.

Integrated Payment : The Next Wave in Restaurant Payment Innovation

64% of Millennials use digital wallets and six-figure earners are twice as likely to use them! It’s time to embrace the new stream of mobile payment solutions.

The Restaurant Of The Future : How Technology Will Change The Dining Experience

Everyone from a single restaurateur through to the largest chains in the world is able to innovate and up-sell through technology.