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Social Media

Tips to Develop and Engage your Community on Social Media

You could totally transform your social media presence by regularly following these tips to boost engagement and grow your online community.

How to Boost Your Online Sales on Social Networks

Social networks propel your online sales! Most have a whole host of tools, so which ones should you be utilising and what areas should you focus on?

How to Boost Traffic to Your Restaurant’s Website using Google+?

Is there any real value in Google+ anymore? Are there still ways to drive traffic or utilise the platform for SEO purposes?

7 Rules to Follow to Write the Perfect Tweet

Twitter Newbie? Start crafting the very best tweets from your restaurant. Capture customers and make a real impact. Here are the do's and don't.

The Top 5 Social Media Marketing Strategies Used During The World Cup

Events like the World Cup are huge marketing opportunities. This article gives you 5 marketing ideas that you can use in similar circumstances.

Create and Promote a Facebook Local Event for Your Restaurant

Is your restaurant, bar or pub hosting an event? Find out how to spread the word with a Facebook local event.

Transform Your Social Game With These 5 Ace Content Creation Tools

Social media and content creation go hand in hand. You cannot crack social media marketing without excellent content. Here are some tools to help you out.

How to Measure your Success on Social Media?

Social media marketing is more than just a traffic generation tool. So how do you measure wider success across social media?

Running A Contest on Twitter

A Twitter contest is one of the best ways to engage your followers and create conversation around your restaurant, bar or cafe. It's also an ideal way to encourage more user-generated content.

New Updates in the World of Social Media: Will They Impact Your Restaurant?

Social media is updating and evolving constantly. 2018 has already seen some major changes across the most popular platforms. Here's what you need to know.

How to Create Polls On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?

Polls on social media are replacing the classic customer feedback survey. They also provide unique ways to engage with your audience.

How Can Social Media Increase Restaurant Revenue?

90% of businesses are using social media. The impact of social platforms can no longer be ignored, but how can they increase restaurant revenue?

Social Media Video Trends for Restaurants

Using video on social media can supercharge your efforts. This is true for both paid and organic social media marketing. So how should you use it?

How to Integrate Snapchat into Your Restaurant’s Social Marketing Strategy?

Is your restaurant, bar or cafe new to Snapchat? You might want to check out these simple tips for getting snap-ready!

Restaurant Social Media Campaigns to Give You Inspo

Looking for some social media inspiration for your restaurant? You have come to the right place, we take a look at four restaurants getting it spot on in the social space.

Hashtags For Restaurants – Everything You Need to Know

What are the best hashtags for restaurants? When should you use them and where? Learn how to crack the hashtag minefield.

Consumer Attitudes to User Generated Content (UGC)

Content that’s created by consumers, known as User Generated Content is more authentic than own brand content. It’s more widely trusted and respected by both millennials and baby boomers.

A New Look At Facebook Messenger Ads

Since the launch of Facebook messenger ads in November of 2016, Facebook are constantly innovating new ways to target customers through this portal.

The Best Type of Photos to Post on Your Restaurant’s Instagram

Sharing the right type of photos on Instagram can put you ahead of the competition. Showcase your restaurant in the best way with these Instagram top tips.

Setting Up Sponsored Instagram Stories for Your Restaurant

Sponsored Instagram stories give you the opportunity to reach more customers through creative social media content. Learn how to set them up in five easy steps.

How to Boost Online Sales With Social Media

Social media is excellent for boosting online sales for your restaurant. It can be used to reach more new customers and ensure they keep coming back, time and time again.

5 of London’s Most Influential Foodies to Follow on Instagram

Instagram foodies are taking the Insta-world by storm. Highly popular and highly influential, it's good to know who's at the top of their game.

10 Creative Facebook Contest Ideas for Your Restaurant

Learn how to use Facebook contests to creatively reach new customers for your restaurant. Boost Facebook engagement levels and increase brand awareness.

Choosing the Right Objectives For Your Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising can feel like a maze. As a restaurant, which objectives and ad types should you be focusing on to get the most out of Facebook adverts?

How to Connect and Engage with Customers using Facebook Messenger

Start using the Facebook messenger app to your advantage. Respond quickly to queries and connect better with customers, both old and new.

How to Push your Restaurant on Instagram

So you probably know your restaurant needs to be on Instagram. You might even already be on this platform sharing content on a daily basis. That’s a great first step, but is it enough?

20 tips to boost your retweet rate

If you are struggling to get others to share your content through the viral power of retweets, these 20 tips should help to put you on the right track!

6 Apps Every Restaurant Owner Should have

Apps can save you a lot of time so you can focus on the well-being of your customers and your team. Here are the top 6 apps for restaurant owners.

6 Facebook Ideas For Your Restaurant

Facebook continues to be a very powerful marketing tool for restaurants. Here are 6 tried and true ideas to grow your revenue and stay top of mind.

Live Video is the Craze! How Can You Use it to Market Your Restaurant?

Streaming live video content on social media is quickly gaining pace. Get involved in this trend and start live streaming from your restaurant on Facebook, Instagram or Periscope.