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Are You Capturing the Vegan Movement?

Veganism is going mainstream and there is no denying it! Now is the time to make sure your menu items are inclusive of the growing number of Vegans.

Attracting footfall and enhancing customer experience with wireless charging

The foodservice industry, typically a pioneer in adopting technological innovation, has an opportunity to attract more clientele by offering wireless charging and provide a solution to consumers.

How To Make Your Restaurant Attractive For Students

Too many restaurants still believe that a student has no money. To attract students, you just need a specific strategy, as this article shows you.

Personalised Nutrition is Going Mainstream. Are You Ready?

Personalised nutrition is becoming increasingly popular. What attracts consumers to personalised meals and other food concepts?

Digital Marketing Strategies To Help You Acquire More Customers

With social media and email marketing, it does look a little complicated to promote your restaurant. This article shows you how to simplify the process.

How To Cut Your Waiting Times In Your Restaurant

Waiting times often drive business away. A lot can be done to cut it. This article shows you ways to make waiting times shorter so customers leave happier.

How to Avoid Being the Next Food Scandal?

Here's how to keep your restaurant scandal-free. The only media attention you want is the good kind!

​Think Twice Before you Surprise Your Customer With Originality

Food served in a slipper, chips out of a dog bowl? Are some takes on originality just a step too far?

Are you short on staff? Here is an idea to recruit and make a social difference

The unprecedented shortage of staff might be an opportunity to do something different that might change the industry. By offering training opportunities to people from different backgrounds, you might as well make a social difference and get your customers involved!

Restaurant Reputation Management: How to Handle Bad Buzz

The impact of online restaurant reviews is huge. 34% of diners choose a restaurant based on info from a peer review site. Online reputation management should not be ignored.

Setting Up a ‘Google My Business’ Page For a Restaurant

Having a ‘Google My Business’ page gets your restaurant in front of more customers when they are searching for crucial information or local businesses such as yours. Don’t miss an opportunity to capture more of the market.

Using AdWords for your restaurant

Pay per click advertising via Google Adwords can be a profitable marketing funnel for your website. Be smart with your budget and target the people who are already looking for a restaurant in your local area.

Christmas Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

While retail sales peaks over Christmas, for Restaurants it’s a challenging time to fill up bookings. These festive marketing ideas should help bring in the customers.

How To Programme The Best Music For Your Restaurant

The music you play in your restaurant can either save their night or make it even worse. This article addresses how to choose restaurant music.

UK Food and Beverage Trends in 2018

Don’t get left behind with what’s hot and what’s not from the UK food and beverage trends coming up in 2018. Keep it fresh.

Inbound Marketing: How Will It Benefit Your Restaurant?

Looking for new ways to market your restaurant? Don't forget the tried and true methods of inbound marketing!

​Free Online Diary & Electronic Booking System for Small Restaurants

SimpleERB is a free online diary and electronic booking system for restaurants. Maximise restaurant profits and deliver 5-star customer service.

Increase Customer Retention By Introducing Gamification

Customer retention is way more important than customer acquisition. Gamification can provide incentives for your customers to come back to you. Here is how.

Is Breakfast The New Hit For Restaurants?

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, is coming on strong for the restaurant industry and taking on a new look and a new meaning for operators.

Three Ideas To Raise Awareness About Your Restaurant While Making It More Profitable

It's difficult and often costly to raise awareness for a restaurant. If you have tried to fill empty chairs with discounts and happy hours, it's time for some innovation. This article focuses on profitable ways to raise awareness about your place.

Six Rules to Build an Effective Landing Page for Your Restaurant

The landing page on your website is the online door to your restaurant. Is it inviting? Does it lead your visitors to take action?

How To Take Customer Experience To New Heights With Cheerfy

People hate feeling like a number in a crowded world. Improving customer experience is about making people feel special. Here is how Cheerfy can help you achieve just that.

Improve customers’ satisfaction with a seamless payment experience

Offering your customers convenient, fast and secure ways to pay is no longer an option, Savvy operators realize that a seamless payment experience is imperative to growing their business and winning customer loyalty.

Can Your Restaurant Benefit From Self Service Kiosks?

Self service kiosks are raising revenues and trimming costs for many restaurants. Is implementing this new technology the right decision for your restaurant?

4 solutions to create mobile surveys to get customer insights

Mobile surveys get much higher response rates than traditional survey methods. Find out what's on the minds of your consumers and take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Successfully Setting Up Your Restaurant’s Online Loyalty Programme

Are we starting to see the end of traditional loyalty cards? It’s extraordinary to see the impact that an online loyalty programme can have. One thing that’s evident is that you have the means to increase repeat attendance to your restaurant through the use of a loyalty programme.

Running A Profitable Restaurant: 6 Key Metrics You Should Track

Few businesses last more than three years. Running a successful restaurant business that satisfies your customers, your staff and yourself is a constant challenge. You constantly have to think ahead with all of your decisions. Whether it’s about hiring new staff or making other investments, you can’t just wing it. And you can’t afford to […]

Why Mobile Ordering Can Significantly Improve Customer Experience

Mobile ordering isn't just for corporations.Every restaurant can benefit from this small investment, as it can dramatically improve customer experience. Here's why.

Five Free Online Tools to Create Your Restaurant’s Visual Content

Producing exciting visual content is a challenge for any restaurant. Tools make life a lot easier, free online tools are even better!

TripAdvisor Premium for Restaurants

TripAdvisor Premium for restaurants brings with it a whole host of new features, designed to make your restaurant stand out.