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LivePepper at the service of your restaurant’s web marketing strategy

Because you do not improvise a web marketer overnight, LivePepper has developed a range of marketing services 100% dedicated to the restaurant sector... In other words, enough to give a real boost to the image, visibility and the reputation of your restaurant!

Restaurant & Takeaway Expo Is Helping Save the Planet

There has never been a more crucial time to get involved with sustainability. As restaurant owners, there is a real opportunity to have an impact and make a difference. This year's restaurant and takeaway expo are leading the way with Green Earth Appeal.

Creating a Kids Digital Interactive Play Area In Your Restaurant

Digital play is the way forward for in-restaurant entertainment. Which solutions are already in use and which areas of interactive play are popular?

The Future of Street Food

As one of the newest trends in the food and drink sector, what does the future hold for the world of Street Food?

Content Marketing: what is good content for your SEO strategy?

Content is undoubtedly king when it comes to effective SEO, but will the same content also attract your customers and tick all the boxes for Google?

Restaurant & Food Tech: 5 Events You Should Not Miss in 2020

Restaurant and food tech expos, trade shows and festivals. Which food industry events should restaurant, pub and bar owners be attending in 2020?

How to Get More Online Reviews for Your Restaurant? 

Good online reviews boost your restaurant's reputation, here are some simple techniques to make sure you capture all of those positive customer reviews.

5 Food and Dining Trends for 2019

Trends for 2019 that you need to know about: Vegan food trends, cutting back on plastic, enhancing the delivery process and more. The food and dining space seems to be in a constant state of change and improvement.

Innovative ways to capture your customer’s data

Customers are bombarded with requests for personal data on a daily basis, so what ideas will compel them to share their valuable information with you?

Will Customer Data Help Your Small Restaurant?

All of us, consumers, are living in the brave new world of big data, where it feels like our every move is tracked by one company or another. But for the restaurant owners it often feels like the clock has stopped. What does a restaurant owner know about his customers? Usually, very little! Which data can he collect? Which data should he collect? And what’s the best way to do it?

7 Secrets to Improve Your Newsletter’s Opening Rate

Higher open rates on emails mean more eyes on your message. As a restaurant that could directly translate in to more online orders, more bookings and repeat custom.

What Features for Your Restaurant’s Online Ordering Solution?

How should you offer an online ordering solution to your customers? Which delivery/takeaway services are already succeeding in this space and why?

Restaurateurs, should you give in to delivery platforms?

Today, consumers are increasingly inclined to use delivery platforms. But is public demand reason enough to take the plunge? Should you give in to Deliveroo and Uber Eats? What benefits can you expect, and what are the risks?

How to Re-Engineer Your Restaurant Menu to Push More to the Bottom Line

The restaurant menu is, without a doubt, the most important cornerstone of a restaurant's success. It represents the very essence of your brand, drives your brand messaging and, most importantly, greatly influences profitability. It must be tuned to perfection in order for you to be successful and thrive in your restaurant business.

How to Boost Engagement and Sales Using User-Generated Content

User-generated content or UGC is a valuable form of social proof for restaurants, cafes and pubs. It builds trust and effectively spreads brand awareness.

Click and Collect: 4 Mistakes to Avoid at Collection

A successful click and collect service is seamless from start to finish. Once an online order has been successfully placed, it's down to your collection process to seal the deal. Avoid these common mistakes and leave a lasting impression.

What are Innovative Restaurants Currently Doing?

Looking to stay ahead of your competing restaurateurs? Learn from the best and discover what the most innovative restaurants in the industry are currently doing! Using an App! Having an app for your restaurant brings so many benefits. You can send push notifications to customers, use geofencing to target people close to your restaurant and […]

Food Delivery: What Does The Future Have In Store?

Few could have predicted the rapid growth of Deliveroo. Food delivery is a highly innovative industry. This article looks at what we can expect to see in coming years.

How to Deal with Your Restaurant No-Shows?

No-shows to restaurant bookings are costing the UK restaurant industry 16 billion a year. What impact are they having on your restaurant and is there anything you can do to reduce them?

The Top 5 Social Media Marketing Strategies Used During The World Cup

Events like the World Cup are huge marketing opportunities. This article gives you 5 marketing ideas that you can use in similar circumstances.

Using Technology and Guest Personnalisation to Promote Customer Loyalty

Want to know the secret behind making your customers feel special? Giving them completely personalised treatment! Let us show you how to use technology to offer your diners a customised restaurant experience.

Geofencing Marketing in the Restaurant Industry

Geofencing is a disruptive marketing strategy allowing restaurant owners to increase their turnover and connect with their customers in an innovative way.

Transform Your Social Game With These 5 Ace Content Creation Tools

Social media and content creation go hand in hand. You cannot crack social media marketing without excellent content. Here are some tools to help you out.

Email Marketing: How To Choose The Best Autoresponder

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to market your business, but how to choose the autoresponder best suited for what you want to accomplish?

5 Reasons to Go to The Restaurant & Takeaway Expo 2018

This year's Restaurant and Takeaway Innovation Expo will take place on Septemeber 25th and 26th. The ideal event for restaurant owners to network, learn about new solutions/products and attend free seminars.

How To Set Up An Effective Loyalty Programme

Most businesses are aware of the importance of recurring customers. This article gives your solutions to set up an easy-to-manage loyalty programme.

How To Grow Your Youtube Channels To Attract More Customers

Growing a Youtube Channel is challenging. It is a more serious process than people give it credit for. Here are five essential tips to help you along.

More Ways To Collect Customer Feedback And Get More Business

Most restaurants know the importance of getting reliable customer feedback. This article shows you three ways to get the most out of customer feedback.

Are You Capturing the Vegan Movement?

Veganism is going mainstream and there is no denying it! Now is the time to make sure your menu items are inclusive of the growing number of Vegans.

Attracting footfall and enhancing customer experience with wireless charging

The foodservice industry, typically a pioneer in adopting technological innovation, has an opportunity to attract more clientele by offering wireless charging and provide a solution to consumers.