The Internet in the restaurant industry

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What exactly is HubRise?

With little choice other than to go digital during the crisis, restaurateurs now face a new challenge: that of effectively integrating all their various solutions in order to optimize their operations. In response to this challenge is HubRise, a middleware solution that facilitates technical integrations between different solutions. Encounter with HubRise founder and CEO, Antoine Monnier.

LivePepper at the service of your restaurant’s web marketing strategy

Because you do not improvise a web marketer overnight, LivePepper has developed a range of marketing services 100% dedicated to the restaurant sector... In other words, enough to give a real boost to the image, visibility and the reputation of your restaurant!

What is the Impact of Social Media on SEO?

Over the years there has been lots of debate as to whether social media impacts SEO. Do Google consider social shares in their rankings and are all search engines the same in their approach? Let's take a look at where we are in 2019.

Tips for Online Ordering – Restaurant Delivery

So you know you need an online ordering solution, or perhaps you already have one. How can you get the most out of it and make sure it's offering the best customer experience?

How to Get More Online Reviews for Your Restaurant? 

Good online reviews boost your restaurant's reputation, here are some simple techniques to make sure you capture all of those positive customer reviews.

How to Choose an Online Ordering Solution for your Restaurant?

It is predicted that the takeaway and food delivery market in the UK will rise to over £11 billion by 2021. If you run a delivery business it's crucial to have some form of online ordering solution. So how to do you select the best platform for your business needs?

Reputation Management Solutions For Restaurants

Reputation management has become a serious challenge for businesses. This article discusses solutions to improve your online reputation as a business.

How To Optimise Your Images For SEO

Pictures on your restaurant's website can make a huge difference. How to optimise them to improve your SEO?

How to Deal with Your Restaurant No-Shows?

No-shows to restaurant bookings are costing the UK restaurant industry 16 billion a year. What impact are they having on your restaurant and is there anything you can do to reduce them?

Rights Relating to Images: How to Find Free Stock Photos For Your Restaurant

Tips and online resources to help you find great pictures that you can freely use for your restaurant's marketing devices.

Using long tail keywords to optimize your SEO

Google is still undoubtedly a very powerful search engine. To gain a better positioning in the results and attract a steady flow of customers who are genuinely interested in your products, long tail keywords are your best bet.

Restaurant Reputation Management: How to Handle Bad Buzz

The impact of online restaurant reviews is huge. 34% of diners choose a restaurant based on info from a peer review site. Online reputation management should not be ignored.

Setting Up a ‘Google My Business’ Page For a Restaurant

Having a ‘Google My Business’ page gets your restaurant in front of more customers when they are searching for crucial information or local businesses such as yours. Don’t miss an opportunity to capture more of the market.

Using AdWords for your restaurant

Pay per click advertising via Google Adwords can be a profitable marketing funnel for your website. Be smart with your budget and target the people who are already looking for a restaurant in your local area.

Click and Collect: can it benefit your restaurant?

Have you explored the ways click and collect can help you grow your business? Savvy restaurant owners are putting this tool to work to help them get new customers and increase their revenues.

TripAdvisor Premium for Restaurants

TripAdvisor Premium for restaurants brings with it a whole host of new features, designed to make your restaurant stand out.

Optimize your restaurant website’s SEO

Checklist: how to optimize your articles and pages to enhance your restaurant referencing.

Food Bloggers: How to Get Them to Write About Your Restaurant

Food bloggers can unlock an untapped audience for new customers, but how do you get them to feature your restaurant on their blog?

Web design: 4 key elements to consider for your restaurant’s website

46% of consumers search for information on the Internet before choosing a restaurant: how then can you improve your chances of grabbing your online visitors' attention? Here are 4 key elements to consider for your restaurant's website.

Local SEO: What Changed with Google Possum?

Find out how the recent Google Possum update changed the search engine results and challenged local SEO strategies for many businesses.

How To Turn Negative Restaurant Reviews Into A Positive Marketing Tool

Most restaurant owners panic when negative reviews pop up on the web, but there is a way to turn them around and get more clients in the process...

4 Restaurant Website KPIs You Should Be Tracking In Google Analytics

Your restaurant website KPIs are an important part of your optimization strategy. Stay on top of your metrics by tracking them through Google Analytics.

3 Solutions for Your Restaurant’s Emails and Newsletters

Which email marketing solution is best for sending your restaurant's newsletters and email communications? Let's take a look at three well-known platforms and compare them for the suitability of your marketing.

How to Get Your Restaurant Ranked on Yelp

A good review from a customer can do wonders for your business. People trust reviews and that's why Yelp is such a popular review site for local businesses, especially restaurants, bars and pubs.

Generation Z – Why Restaurants Need to be Looking Past Millennials

Restaurants have spent years trying to cater to and win the loyalty of Millennials. Now may be the time to look beyond this generation to the up and coming Generation Z. Here’s why.

Power Up Your Bookings Through Email Marketing

Looking to explore a new channel of marketing? It might be time to try promoting your restaurant through email marketing. Re-connect with old customers, and drum up new business too.

How to Create a ‘Google My Business’ Account for Your Restaurant?

Get your restaurant found on Google quickly and easy with 'Google My Business'. The best way for customers to get in touch when searching for info.

Catch More Customers With Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. It has surpassed anyone's wildest expectations. What you might not have realised as a restaurant owner, is that this wonderful game has opened the doors to new opportunities.

How to Build a Positive Reputation for your Restaurant

How your restaurant is viewed in the community can greatly impact your success. Here a few easy strategies to reach out and connect in a positive way.

Promoting Your Website with Geo-Targeted Ads

Geo-targeting adverts, or location-based ads are an ideal way for restaurants, high-street shops, spas, gyms and other local businesses, to reach their desired audience.