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As the publisher of an online ordering solution for restaurants, LivePepper is delighted to bring you the RestoConnection magazine. Since 2007, our engineers and marketing people have been working by your side to help you develop your online activity, and this is how the idea for RestoConnection came about.

Restaurant owners

The digitalization of marketing, along with new technologies, have revolutionized the catering industry. Your customers “like”, “share”, “tweet” or “follow” on social networks, place their orders online, share their opinions, and even indulge in “food porn” on the net… Faced with these (r)evolutions, as an entrepreneur, you have no choice but to adapt. And unless you are a technology geek with plenty of time on your hands, this is by no means easy!

Twitter for restaurants

Intended to help you understand and accommodate these changes, our RestoConnection online magazine is dedicated to YOU, the restaurant manager. This entirely free online magazine seeks to:

  • help you become proficient in marketing and new technologies,
  • guide you towards new avenues for development in these targeted areas

We have surrounded ourselves with high-quality contributors who are experts in their field, open to the world and keenly interested in all facets of the restaurant business.

Our contributors are not merely talented writers, they are  entrepreneurs, consultants, bloggers, caterers or marketing specialists eager to share their knowledge and expertise in terms of marketing and new technologies applied to catering.

The content in RestoConnection will inspire, enlighten, inform and amuse you, but above all, it will pave the way to paths that are as yet unexplored and unused.

Explore new paths

This publication contains surveys, guides, feedback, portraits and accounts by restaurant managers.Each article published will tie in with our contributors’ fields of expertise: the Internet, marketing & communication, social networks and new technologies.

We will also allow restaurant managers to have their say and share their success stories, experience and advice.

The RestoConnection team

If you would like to take part in this adventure by featuring in our portraits or by contributing to RestoConnection, contact Anastasia at anastasia@restoconnection.fr.