Leslie Park Lynn

Leslie Park Lynn

Leslie Park Lynn is a 15 year restaurant industry veteran. Working in Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial environments, she has gained extensive brand development, marketing, restaurant management and culinary and beverage expertise.

Most recently Leslie held a management position in restaurant operations for a YUM! Brands concept. Prior to that she was Vice President for a dynamic marketing company specializing in the restaurant industry. There she led teams of consultants in the development of new and existing brands and concepts.

Leslie’s experience at the Burger King Corporation, where she helped manage the kids marketing program, afforded her key experience in global marketing. For several years prior she held a variety of positions at Darden Restaurants serving the brands of Red Lobster, Olive Garden and Season’s 52.

Since leaving the corporate world, Leslie works as a freelance writer for print and online publications and consults to new and existing hospitality brands throughout the United States. She is currently working on her first book on restaurant startups.

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