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Using long tail keywords to optimize your SEO

Google is still undoubtedly a very powerful search engine. To gain a better positioning in the results and attract a steady flow of customers who are genuinely interested in your products, long tail keywords are your best bet.

Optimize your restaurant website’s SEO

Checklist: how to optimize your articles and pages to enhance your restaurant referencing.

Making video work for your restaurant

On the Internet, a video says more than a thousand words ever can. Here we discuss how to use this visual, interactive medium for the benefit of your restaurant, how to produce your clip, and where to broadcast it.

Sensory marketing, a new weapon for restaurant owners

Sensory marketing can benefit restaurants by arousing emotions and encouraging both customers and prospects to purchase.

4 original ways to get your customers to pay

From England to Austria and on to the United States, here is a little trip around the world to see four of the wildest, wackiest and most original ways of having your customers pay the bill.

Online ordering guide for connected restaurant managers

Online ordering can potentially benefit both your customers' satisfaction and your establishment's profitability. Discover how to make the most of an up-to-date connected service.

6 astonishing restaurants’ façades

What's on the plate is not always the only way to surprise a restaurant's customers. With pictures to prove it, here is a quick round-the-world tour of 6 astonishing restaurant façades, from Madrid to Beijing, Vienna to Mexico.

6 all-important marketing tools for restaurants

Want to develop your online presence? Whether for online ordering, managing your newsletter or creating your interactive menus, here are 6 all-important marketing tools for your restaurant...

10 food trucks like you’ve never seen before

10 must-see food truck concepts: unique, off-beat, sexy, committed... but above all, appetizing!

Competitions on Facebook: practical guide for restaurant manager

How to organize a Facebook quiz game/competition for your restaurant to improve your visibility, acquire and retain new customers: practical guide for restaurant manager.

Targeting children in your restaurant

A practical guide on how to effectively target children in your restaurant.