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Anthony likes helping people reach their true potential. Being the victim of his own fears and insecurities in his own business, he has decided to help others create more opportunities.

Some people haven’t noticed yet, but the world is moving fast. The digital revolution is transforming our lives and businesses at record speed. You can no longer afford to just be average and use old-school tactics to drive more customers through your doors. The tech world is entering the restaurant world and businesses lagging behind may end up feeling sorry… You can take advantage of that though. This article will show you how to keep yourself up to date with new technologies that are relevant to the restaurant industry.

Why new technologies matter more than you suspect


Technology is not just about playing video games and checking Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, for the last five years, it’s been one of the best advertising platforms in terms of returns on investment. So much so that despite a skyrocketing cost, people are still using Facebook ads effectively. Social media allows you to target the right people and even retarget the people who have shown interest in you. In other words, you end up showing your ad only to people likely to buy from you. Businesses who are still resorting to old-school marketing tactics at the expense of social media are losing out.

And this is just the tip of the Zuckerberg. Now almost any restaurant can scale their business up by including a simple online ordering system. These technologies are now more efficient than people you would pay to take care of it. And with an effective social media campaign, you can have a predictable number of online clients every night.

A few years ago, predictability was impossible for a business. You either did well or you didn’t but it was hard to predict your revenues, let alone scale them up. With new technologies, these things are becoming mundane. This is why it’s absolutely crucial to keep yourself up to date on the latest trends.

How not to miss out

You don’t have to know everything that is going on, though. The video above does show that Alexa is gaining some ground, but people in Britain are not huge fans yet. Actually, most of the time, the tech world does not have new technologies that are relevant to the restaurant industry. You also have to consider where your business currently is. If right now you have only two people employed in the kitchen, running Facebook ads with an online ordering page may not be the best idea. For anything that comes out, you have to make sure it applies to your situation.

Another problem is that the tech world has new things almost every day now. You can’t afford to spend your life online looking for the latest inventions that might possibly help you thrive. The internet is a goldmine but it is also time-consuming beyond belief. And as a business owner, time is probably a luxury that you don’t have.

Curated content that applies to you

The goal of this blog is to inform you about the latest trends that can help you save money or make more of it. We are constantly on the lookout for innovative ideas for restaurants, and we select the most relevant so you don’t have to waste your time.

As nice as it is to blow our own horn, however, it is worth mentioning when other platforms are doing a great job. If you take a look at FohBoh, you will probably find a wealth of curated content for restaurant owners as well. They specialise in the purely technological aspect so you don’t miss out on anything. The amount of content they gather to give you the essential is quite impressive.


Knowing the right platforms can also allow you to see your restaurant featured on one of their posts. Imagine finding your place in a video like the one above. That doesn’t mean you need to spend hours every day looking for the latest trends. Seeing how fast new technologies are sprouting can be overwhelming. By selecting a few effective content providers, however, you will be able to know what to watch out for, and whether it applies to your business. These two things alone can put you miles ahead of your competition.