Anthony Dexmier

Anthony likes helping people reach their true potential. Being the victim of his own fears and insecurities in his own business, he has decided to help others create more opportunities.

If drops of sweat start trickling down your cheek when you hear “website,”you are not alone. Putting together a practical and functional website is a daunting task. Unfortunately, hiring someone to build one for you can also result in ridiculous added costs, to end up with something you don’t fully control. In today’s tech world, however, there are solutions to every problem. This article will focus on Happytables, which makes website building effortless.

The challenges of website building


Unless you were trained as a website designer, building your own website from scratch is almost impossible. Some computer savvy people can figure out how to work through a wordpress theme and make it look almost professional, but not without painful hours. As a restaurant owner, you can’t spare that much time.

Having a website is more than essential now though. It’s one of people’s primary access to you and your business. Increasingly, people will choose which restaurant to visit based on the information provided on a website. In order to make sure a website visit results in an on-site visit, people should have access to your menu, and ideally, be able to book a table or order from you online.

The days of a simple web page with your address and your phone number on it are long gone. People need to navigate through your site easily and make a decision to buy from you. With a developer, the costs of setting everything up will generally amount to several thousands of pounds, for something you can’t really access or control. That’s why resorting to a solution you can manage on your own can give you an invaluable competitive edge.

How you can build your own website with Happytables

With Happytables, you don’t need to enter a single line of code to build a professional looking website. The back end almost looks like the front end so it’s as easy as putting together a Powerpoint presentation. The platform is one of the most intuitive on the market and is especially tailored for restaurants.

The additional benefit of Happytables is that it connects with other applications you may be using to track your restaurant data. Every Key Performance Indicator (KPI) you can think of can be added to the platform so you can manage your data from a single place. If you are using an app that is not on their list, they can add it for you.

Since Happytables was created for restaurant owners, your website will include everything you need to get customers through your door as easily as possible. You can set up a button so people can book a table online. Your website will look more professional than if a web designer had spent a dozen hours on it.

What Happytables looks like

A good example of a website built with Happytables is the Whyte and Brown, in Carnaby Street. As you can see, the website is easy to navigate and gives all the necessary information fast. People can order or book a table directly from the website. Since it is also referenced on Google Maps, the restaurant is easy to find and is well ranked on a Google search.

As the video above shows, you can use the back end to manage all the data you gather from other apps you are using. You can see how many people visit your website and what action they take when they do. A critical metric you want to track is your conversion rate, namely, how many people order or book on your website when they visit it. When this figure increases, you inevitably make more money.

You can build your whole website yourself with the easy-to-use templates, or you can have them build it for you. Using their platform comes at a fairly inexpensive monthly fee if you decide to build it yourself.


There is no valid excuse now to not have a website that looks professional. Hiring a designer can be a sensible option sometimes, but it’s not mandatory. Thanks to Happytables, website building is no longer a nightmare. The added benefit of using their platform is that you can control everything that goes on in your restaurant and take more time for your staff and your customers.