Chelsea Allenby

Chelsea Allenby is a Digital Marketer of 6 years and Managing Director of Allenby Digital Ltd, an online marketing agency she set-up in August 2015, specialising in social media and content marketing.

By aligning your restaurant with what’s trending on social media, and what’s happening in the world around you, you’ll never miss a beat.

Finding new creative ways to involve your business in the conversations, topics, holidays and general celebrations can be a challenge. Before you can even get your thinking cap on, you need to be aware of all the key dates. We’ve taken the hassle out of that for you with our 2017 Restaurant Marketing Calendar.
How can you use these dates? You can align them with your newsletter, social media channels, website and offline marketing. As well as this, include them in your promotions and menu offering. A special Valentine’s menu, a ‘spooky’ Halloween milkshake or something a little ‘nutty’ on world Nutella day.

Embrace them where you can, but don’t forget to add the elements that are unique to your restaurant, such as your birthday, a new menu launch, new redesign etc,. anything that might be relevant. If you need further help creating a publication calendar today for social media, follow these steps to make a start.



1st = New Year’s Day
25th = Robert Burns Night
27th = International Chocolate Cake Day
28th = Chinese New Year (Year of the Rooster)


5th = Yorkshire Pudding Day
5th = World Nutella Day
6th – 12th = Bramley Apple Week
14th = Valentine’s Day
17th = Random Acts of Kindness Day
23rd = National Toast Day (this might change)
28th = Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day)
27th- March 12th = Fairtrade Fortnight



1st- 31st = Veggie Month (Animal Aid)
1st = St David’s Day
1st = Ash Wednesday
1st – 8th = Dementia UK ‘Time for a Cuppa’ Week
6th – 12th = British Pie Week
8th = International Women’s Day
3rd = Commonwealth Day
17th = St Patrick’s Day
20th = Palm Sunday
20th – 26th = National Salt Awareness Week
24th = Red Nose Day
25th = International Waffle Day
26th = Mother’s Day



1st = April Fool’s Day
4th = International Carrot Day
7th = World Health Day
10th – 16th = UK Coffee Week
14th = Good Friday
16th = Easter Sunday
17th = Easter Monday
19th = National Garlic Day
21st = National Tea Day
23rd = St George’s Day
23rd – May 1st = British Beef Week

Burger Day


1st = Early May Bank Holiday
6th- 14th = Real Bread Week
11th = Eat What You Want Day
13th = International Hummus Day
14th – 20th = British Sandwich Week
15th – 21st = National Vegetarian Week
22nd – 28th = British Tomato Week
27th = FA Cup Final
27th – June 4th = English Wine Week
28th = National Burger Day
28th = World Hunger Day
29th = Spring Bank Holiday

Fish & Chips


1st = World Milk Day
2nd = National Fish & Chips Day
4th = The Big Lunch (neighbourhood get-together)
10th = World Gin Day
11th = Open Farm Sunday
12th – 16th = Healthy Eating Week
15th = Beer Day
15th – 19th = British Flower’s Week
16th- 25th = National Picnic Week
18th = Father’s Day
19th = National Kissing Day
21st = Summer Solstice – Longest Day



3rd – 16th = Wimbledon
6th = International Kissing Day
7th = World Chocolate Day
16th = National Cherry Day
30th = International Friendship Day



6th = National Sisters Day
28th = Summer Bank Holiday



26th-27th = Takeaway & Restaurant Innovation Expo 2017
28th – October 8th = British Food Fortnight



1st = International Coffee Day
2nd – 8th = National Cake Week
2nd = Grandparents Day
6th -13th = National Seafood Week
10th = World Porridge Day
13th = World Egg Day
20th = International Chefs Day
21st = Apple Day
22nd = National Nut Day
31st = Halloween



1st = World Vegan Day
1st = All Saints Day
5th = Bonfire Night
11th = Armistice Day
12th = Remembrance Sunday
13th = Kindness Day
23rd = Thanksgiving
24th = Black Friday
17th = Cyber Monday
30th = St Andrew’s Day



25th = Christmas Day
26th = Boxing Day
31st = New Year’s Eve