Chelsea Allenby

Chelsea Allenby is a Digital Marketer of 9 years and Managing Director of Allenby Digital Ltd, an online marketing agency she set-up in 2015, specialising in social media and content marketing.

When it comes to nutrition, one size does not fit all! As consumers, we have a much better grasp on nutrition and health compared to 20 years ago. Restaurants are now realising that offering personalised nutrition options is growing in popularity.

Design Your Own Meals

Most meals come as described with slight variations available, e.g no salad, or mash instead of baked potato etc.,). This has widely been accepted as the norm across fast food chains, restaurants, and cafes. The idea of offering a ‘design your own meal’ option is still quite a novelty, but one that seems to be taking off.


Vitamojo is killing it with their philosophy of ‘ultra-personalisation’. But just what do they mean by ultra-personalisation? Vitamojo allows you to order a meal based on your own requirements for macros, calories and quantities.


Customers start by choosing their ingredients and then adjust their quantities of each macro. This is absolutely ideal for those on high-protein or low-carb diets. The fitness industry is absolutely booming, with more people than ever before training hard in the gym to achieve their ideal body. Finding nutritional support that fits in perfectly with customised diets is a challenge for many. Vitamojo and many other restaurants and delivery services are starting to address this growing need.

Is Personalised Nutrition The Future of the Food Industry?

We certainly think so. We can only see this market expanding given that it’s already proved immensely popular. It’s not just a shift in personalisation. But an overarching shift in consumers eating better and looking after their health. We are now seeing clean healthy take-aways popping up in cities all over the UK. Clean Cut Kitchen is one of these.

Clean Cut Kitchen offers a range of ‘clean eating’ meals designed around health and nutrition. They also offer weekly and monthly meal preps based on personalised diet plans. Fast food has always been associated with high fat menu items. Foods such as chips, burgers and pizza. Could we be seeing a definite shift in the what we consider ‘fast-food’ in 2018?


Personalisation might be the future. That doesn’t mean traditional set meals and set menus will become a thing of the past. Many people do not want to create their own meals and have little desire to do so. To them, going to a restaurant means eating a dish without interfering with taste or macros.

Should You Offer Personalised Nutrition?

There are certainly increased costs associated with offering more choice and flexibility. However, if you think this model would suit your establishment then the payoff could be well worth it. Start by considering the type of food you sell. Personalised nutrition only really works with healthy dishes. A design your own pizza is not quite the same as managing your own macros and calories.

If your target market is healthy eaters, then personalisation is almost a no-brainer. If you sell a variety of food, perhaps a new brand of healthy dishes could open up some doors. Competition should be considered, as well as the type of town or city you are based in. Is the demand there already?