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Après un master en commerce international et un mastère spécialisé en Communications, Laure débute sa carrière en agence de communication à Paris.

DineTime was launched in the UK in 2014. In Europe, it is distributed through its partner: Call Systems Technology Ltd. Services include an online wait list, accurate wait time, tools to communicate with guests via text messages, increase table turns, gather data and integrate with loyalty programmes. In addition, the app for diners gives your restaurant more visibility. Here we look at the advantages of using DineTime.

What does DineTime have to offer?

1. The monthly fee to manage online reservations is fixed. You can add a Browser Widget on your website for online bookings. The ERB (electronic reservation book) can be used to centralise all your reservations. In addition, you can set the reservation pacing with the “Availability Plan” feature to avoid over-booking and thus increase your profits.


2. You can differentiate your restaurant from the competition and enhance customer satisfaction by providing an accurate wait time. In addition, DineTime can be used to collect the customer’s details in order to contact them when their table is about to be ready (via two-way text messaging).

3. You can maximise table turns and seat utilisation using the “suggested seating” feature. You can also see the real-time status of every table (Open or Seated, Change of table, Dirty, Clear, etc.) and manage staff shifts and rotations.

4. The DineTime companion app gives your restaurant more visibility: potential guests can find your restaurants, book a table or join your waiting list from the app.

5. DineTime integrates easily with the systems you already have in place such as customer loyalty programmes, kitchen automation solutions, payment software, paging systems, etc.

6. You get real-time and historical data about your restaurant to help you make the right decisions. In the daily, weekly or monthly analytical reports, you can compare key metrics, such as the number of reservations, wait time, average table turn and seating statistics.


7. DineTime also creates a customer database containing all the details your clients will have provided. In the company guest book, you can find names, phone numbers and email addresses. If you decide to integrate DineTime with your loyalty programme, you can add valuable information, such as birthdays or favourite meals, all of which can be used to enhance the dining experience.

DineTime can be installed on your Apple devices (Cloud plans). You then simply create an account and you will be able to start. If you need more customisation, QSR can provide an encompassing solution (Server plan). The Server version can run on a Windows terminal or the PC of a POS terminal.

You can watch tutorials on how to use DineTime on YouTube (example below).

Options available

The DineTime app is free to download from the App store. To start using the app, all you need is an iPad. You can then choose the plan that suits you best, according to your needs and budget. A 60-day free trial is available. And if you want to go further, you can upgrade with the Pro, Premium, Elite or Server option.

Partnership between OpenTable and QSR Automation Inc. in the US

Announced last spring, the DineTime platform’s integration with OpenTable will enable participating restaurants to gain access to OpenTable’s global network by developing diner reservation and wait list availability on OpenTable’s site and apps.

OpenTable (The Priceline Group) is the leading provider of online restaurant reservations, with more than 22 million diners per month across 42,000 restaurants around the world.

The reservation feature is the first step of the partnership. The next phase should enable customers to use OpenTable, integrated with DineTime, to find estimated wait times and register their name in waitlists before leaving home. The idea behind this partnership is to help restaurants create an improved dining experience. According to a survey conducted by OpenTable in March 2017, 78% of diners said that being able to register themselves in the online waiting list (before they arrive at the restaurant) would improve their dining experience*.

For now, the integration only concerns the US, but it may well reach Europe at some stage.

* Survey including more than 4,190 OpenTable diners in the US.

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