Anthony Dexmier

Anthony likes helping people reach their true potential. Being the victim of his own fears and insecurities in his own business, he has decided to help others create more opportunities.

Restaurants have a huge problem. They can’t really scale their business with a finite number of tables. Having such a cap on profitability is disheartening. The simple solution to that problem is to include online ordering and delivery in their service. However, the costs involved is so substantial that most restaurants never go that far. The focus of this article is on the company Foodie Express, and its on-demand delivery platform that makes it affordable for restaurants to do that.

The situation

The restaurant industry has huge potential. Fewer and fewer people know how to cook a decent meal. It’s always pleasant to have someone bring out your food for you, whether at a restaurant table or to your front door. And finally, eating is always a fantastic occasion to socialise and share an appreciable moment with someone else.

Despite the high demand for food that is cooked for you, the restaurant industry hasn’t gone back to the levels of prosperity it knew before the 2008 crisis (see the graph). Jobs in the restaurant industry are still highly demanding and poorly rewarded. And above all, restaurant owners struggle to make ends meet. Hospitality businesses are three times more likely to fail than businesses in other sectors.

One of the reasons it is hard for a restaurant to make it is that you can be full on a Friday and a Saturday night, but it’s much harder to attract people on weekdays. This is where food delivery can become a valuable asset. Not only can it allow you to serve people beyond your restaurant capacity, but it can also bring you clients who wouldn’t typically come to your place on a weekday.

However, it’s already hard for a restaurant to balance its accounts without hiring staff for delivery.  That’s why most restaurant owners would never even consider including such a service into their business. Let’s face it, the decision is next to impossible to make if you are not already profitable. This is where Foodie Express managed to offer an affordable solution.

How to include delivery without hiring staff

If you’re still unsure about using drones to deliver your food, it’s understandable. Not to worry though, Foodie Express probably has a more reliable system. They simply saw that if they could put into contact freelance deliverers with restaurants willing to serve food to people’s homes, it could allow restaurants to tailor their delivery costs to their specific needs.

The way Foodie Express works is brilliant. On one end of the platform, restaurants list the deliveries they need for the night. At the other end, deliverers can take the job and deliver the food. This way a deliverer can work for several restaurants on the same night, and restaurants don’t have to each have their full time employee all the time.

What does Foodie Express look like?


Foodie Express is simply an app with a monthly subscription that allows deliverers to see the jobs offered for the night and select them. They get paid by the people who hire them. Since it’s subscription based, the drivers take all the money and tips from the deliveries.

For restaurants using the apps, putting out jobs on it is free, and they pay the drivers directly. It’s a great incentive for restaurants to provide opportunities to drivers.


Foodie Express is a company that has found an innovative way to look at a problem and solve it. Food delivery and online ordering are the future of the restaurant industry. With a technology like that, there is no excuse to not include such a valuable tool in your business.