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Unless you’re living on a desert island far from European shores, the chances are you’ll have noticed that the UEFA Euro 2016 championship is currently being played, up until 10 July.

To avoid your restaurant from getting desperately empty on match nights, you will have to draw on your imagination and use some cunning.

Send us your photos or videos

We have decided to stir things up a little by organising a game: The Euro at the restaurant.

To take part, it couldn’t be easier: organize your own marketing operation and send us your photos or videos of the result.
RestoConnection will select three prizewinners and dedicate an article to them!
All initiatives are welcome, from setting up a large screen in your dining area (hardly very original), to special “ladies’ menus” or “football-allergic” menus. Fellow restaurant owners, it’s up to you to find THE great idea to either attract these masses of Europhobes or, on the contrary, to get football aficionados out of their inevitable pizza/TV/sofa routine and lure them to your restaurant.

How to take part

  1. Organize a marketing stint in your restaurant on the subject of football or, if you prefer, anti-football.
  2. Take some pictures or videos of the result.
  3. Send us your most original photo or video to:
    Recommended format: high-definition* (>1 MB).
  4. Please include the following compulsory information**:
    – the name of your restaurant and the town/city;
    – your first and last names;
    – your e-mail address;
    – your telephone number.

*The better the quality of your photos or videos, the better your chances of being selected.
** Please bear in mind that entries with incomplete information will not be considered.

Reach for your cameras!