• 5Loyalty

    Loyalty5 provides with a personalised loyalty mobile app.

  • Agilysys

    Agilysys provides Point of Sale solutions for restaurants and hospitality. It offers an array of cloud-based and wireless solutions to streamline operations and enhance sit-in or take-out guest experience.

  • AirPOS

    AirPOS offers a portable and simple cloud-based Point of Sale & payments software for restaurants, cafes and bars. It is a complete solution to manage a multichannel sales environment.…

  • Andromeda

    Andromeda is a Point of Sale solutions provider for restaurants offering delivery services. Founded by two ex-Pizza Hut managers, Andromeda has been designed by restaurant people, for restaurant people.…

  • Aptito

    Aptito is a restaurant Point of Sale and management system based on iOS mobile devices. This all-in-one digital software solution is cloud-based and offers a complete package of features (inventory, reservation, scheduling, and payroll systems) for restaurants, bars, Snack bars and catering.…

  • Area101

    AREA101 designs catering e-commerce software solutions used by corporate, education and healthcare facilities to manage catering operations. This Software as a Service “SaaS”” company that delivers business to business “b2b” e-commerce solutions.

  • Bar Pass

    Bar Pass Limited is the creator of Bar Pass, a mobile application which enables customer of bars and restaurants to order and pay for their food and drinks through their mobile phones.

  • Beeblu

    Beeblu is a a web agency that brings together web design, motion graphics and commerce to create websites.

  • Bleep

    Bleep UK PLC designs, develops, manufactures and supports Point of Sale equipment and software applications for the hospitality industry. They cater for bars, nightclubs, pubs, restaurants and cafes throughout the UK and across the globe.…

  • Bluebird Global

    Bluebird provides a complementary range of technology products and services for Restaurants and Hospitality businesses. BlueBird is a reseller of the Revel Systems POS and it’s integrated LivePepper Online Ordering solution.

  • Breadcrumb

    Breadcrumb Pro acquired by Groupon and is an affordable cloud-based Point of Sale solution for iPad as well as a low-cost payment solution on Credit Card transaction.…

  • Cake

    Cake is a free mobile payment app that connects to existing electronic Point of Sale (ePOS) systems. It is used in restaurants, bars, members’ clubs and hotels.…

  • CaterSOFT

    CaterSOFT Occasion is an online softwares that was designed by a group of caterers to help catering and event organising companies to organise their events more professionally and efficiently.

  • Centegra

    Centegra provides Point of Sale systems and tills to the quick service, restaurant, pub, bar and hospitality sectors. The back office is cloud based and interfaces with labour systems, 3rd party supply chain management systems, accounting, cash and bank management systems.

  • CityHawk

    CityHawk focuses on offering diners the best places to eat. The CityHawk app used for table booking is compatible with Android and Apple iOS device.

  • Clover

    Clover is a cloud-based Point of Sale platform which integrates the functions of a cash register, a card payment terminal and a POS system. It consolidate tasks such as invoicing and accounting into a single unit and collects customer data to use in social media and gives access to a market place of additional business apps.

  • Compulocks Brands

    Compulocks designs and produces innovative hardware security solutions, and offers the widest range of secured display solutions for computers, laptops and tablets from Apple, Samsung, Mircosoft, etc.…

  • Comtrex Systems

    Comtrex Systems designs, develops, supplies and supports Point of Sale software and ePOS hardware to the hospitality industry.

  • CSY Retail Systems

    CSY Retail Systems provides an enterprise EPoS and ecommerce solutions for retailers.

  • Cunninghams

    Cunninghams is a provider of Electronic Point of Sale solutions for Hospitality.

  • Datasym

    Datasym has been a Point of Sale solutions provider for over 25 years for chain bars, clubs, pubs, cafes, hotels, restaurants and fine dining. Datasym modular software and seamless integration with EPOS suppliers allows to tailor its solution to fit the needs of single site or multi site restaurants.

  • Dinerware

    Dinerware is a Seattle-based company which provides restaurant Point of Sale software solutions to the hospitality industry. Designed for iPhone, iPad or Android use, Dinerware can be found in upscale restaurants, cafes, bar and grills, fast casual restaurants, counter service establishments, quick serve restaurants, hotels and wineries.

  • Dinetime

    DineTime Host is an affordable guest management app for a restaurant. In complement, DineTime Host for consumers connects guests to participating restaurants. DineTime was developed by QSR Automations, a global leader in advanced restaurant technology.

  • eMENUS

    eMENUS is a digital Menu software that highlights your food & beverage options and is developed by Cendyn Arcaneo.

  • Emperium Epos

    Emperium Point of Sale is a software solution designed for hospitality and catering businesses (from the multi till, multi-site operations down to a single outlet operation).…

  • Epicuri

    Epicuri is a cloud driven, tablet Point of Sale system developed by ThinkTouchSee, a technology innovation start-up. Epicuri hosts features that helps restaurants book, welcome, service and settle guests with the aim to help restaurateurs better manage their guests experience.

  • EPOS Company

    ECTouch, released in 2008 by Epos Company, provides a Point of Sale system for restaurants, bars/clubs, fast foods…

  • EPOS Direct

    Epos direct is a provider of combined Epos solutions worldwide for cafes, restaurants, takeaways, pubs, bars and additional hospitality businesses.

  • EPOS Group

    EPOS Group is specialized in Electronic Point of Sale systems for several sectors including bars, pubs, convenience, fast food, grocers, restaurants, clubs, hotels, farm-shops and bakeries.

  • EPOSability

    EPOSability  delivers software and hardware for everything from POS and wireless to bespoke mobile apps and payment technology. We ensure your technology is implemented seamlessly to allow you to properly scale your business.

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