Judith Goldstein

Judith Goldstein joined SimpleOrder in early 2016 as head of content and community management after her studies at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy.

We all know the age old adage, “knowledge is power,” but this couldn’t be more applicable than it is in the restaurant industry. In an industry here every minute and penny counts, it’s important to stay informed and on top of all aspects of your restaurant operations.

This starts by being organised ​ and efficient in your ordering process. With a smooth and informed system, you can make sure you get the orders you placed – on time and at the best price. By purchasing BOH management platforms, restaurants can digitize their entire ordering process, there is no need the restaurant’s suppliers to use the app, these systems work simply through the supplier’s email, streamline communication, and keep records of alltransactions. Back of house management apps such as ​ ​SimpleOrder​, create a dynamic with your suppliers in which the power is on your side, how so?

Never Get An Order or Delivery Confused Again

Making orders by the telephone means that orders can get confused, a supplier can run out of an item before you ordered it and the wrong delivery can come without you knowing it. When you make your orders through a system that verifies they have been read, you can be assured the order was received and processed.


Never Pay More Than Your Quoted Price

Long gone are the days that your suppliers quote one price over the phone and deliver items at a different price. With B2B ordering systems, you know exactly what prices you are paying for your goods in advance and you can make the proper adjustments when prices suddenly rise. This will give your restaurant the power to save hundreds of dollars a week by making smart and informed choices.

Everything is Archived

When you order your ingredients and supplies through a system you maintain all the ​relevant data for each supplier concerning ordering history and quantities. You can leverage this information to get better deals for the items you order most frequently, you can know exactly what you paid for an item a year ago, and you can again make the most informed and valuable decisions.


Develop Relationships with Suppliers

Due to a more efficient and effective communication system, B2B apps make for a much smoother and more stable relationships between restaurants and suppliers. It opens the channel of communication so that restaurants can develop a strong and long term relationship with suppliers, which is key to a restaurant’s long term survival and success.

Make Ordering Easy for All Managers

B2B cloud based systems don’t only cement a relationship between the supplier and restaurant, but with your entire staff. Communication is transparent and clear, everyone can stay on top of what is going on and your entire operations will be handled with more ease and efficiency.

In the restaurant industry every move is crucial and technology is there to help restaurant operate with deft and precision. Taking the time to become informed and engaged with technology can make or break your business. Purchasing supplies and ingredients is one of the most common tasks in the business, so there is no better place to start.