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Eating out has almost become a chore lately. With only a few minutes for your lunch, you find yourself queueing behind hungry and stressed-out people. There are rare occasions when a friendly staff can improve your mood, but too often, you feel like just a number. If your clients feel this way, the future looks gloomy for your business. With today’s tools, it has never been easier to make the experience absolutely unique for your customers. This article will focus on Cheerfy, a customer recognition software, and how it can revolutionise customer experience for you.

The importance of personalisation


In a relationship, there is nothing like feeling understood and acknowledged. It’s true between friends and lovers, and it is just as true with customers and service providers. A simple detail that helps people feel acknowledged is remembering their first name. However insignificant it may seem, this is their first mark of identity. A surname is too closely related to their parents. Their first name is truly their own. Interestingly enough, remembering first names has become a rare talent. This means people invariably notice when such a miracle occurs.

But of course, it is extremely difficult for a waiter to remember everybody’s first name. This is where Cheerfy comes into play. Not only will it help your staff remember your customers, but it also stores data about them, such as their birthday or their basic interests. Imagine what difference it makes when a customer walks into a restaurant or a bar and is immediately acknowledged for who he or she is. Very few businesses care to go that distance to improve customer experience.

In terms of benefits for you, it’s fair to say that putting a system in place to make your customers feel special will guarantee you an increasing number of customers who sing your praises. Another detail that business owners overlook is how much more you can charge when you prioritise customer experience. When people feel at home, they spend more freely.  Most people will be ready to go to the most expensive place, just because of the small details that make the experience feel ten times better.

How Cheerfy works

Cheerfy is an app that was specifically designed to recognise customers and personalise your service to them. It stores your customer’s data and preferences so you can remember to give them the options that suit them. You are notified the minute they step through your door.

This miracle is achieved by simply providing wifi to your customers. Most people with a smartphone will want to connect to your wifi network. To do so, they will simply have to enter their email address or social media details. This in turn allows you to store the data. When they come back, they automatically connect to your network so you receive a notification the minute they come within reach of your wifi network.

Cheerfy also allows you to send personal messages based on some new items you want them to try, or special offers you want to make. In other words it acts like an email autoresponder on steroids. People are used to receiving promotional emails and texts, but very seldom are those personalised to their tastes. With Cheerfy, you can send texts and emails that are relevant to your customers’ preferences. Not only does this allow you to make their experience with you memorable, but it optimises your chance of selling more to the same people.

What Cheerfy includes

You can use Cheerfy from a desktop computer, a tablet, a smartphone and a smartwatch. That means you can equip your staff with smartwatches so they can see who comes in with the watch. Make sure to train your staff to provide unrivalled customer experience as well.

The app will give you analytics of how your customers consume your products, allowing you to maximise your customer lifetime value. It acts as a powerful CRM. You can also create email and text campaigns from the app.

Finally, if you want to preserve your customers’ privacy, you can control what your employees see. You don’t want to take personalisation too far. If your employees can at least address customers by their first name, know when their birthday is, and their menu preferences, you will already put your competitors in the shade.


If you truly care about making your customers’ experience extra special, the investment required for Cheerfy should really be worth it. Most restaurants have to pay for a good wifi provider anyway. By choosing one with extra functionalities to give you more business, you kill two birds with one stone.