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Your competition is no longer outsmarting you with better dishes. The restaurant game has changed completely. Now that numbers and data allow you to know exactly what your customer wants, it has become much easier to have an edge over your competitors. Not everyone is using today’s tools to their maximum potential though. Data and statistics can seem like boring work for an ambitious restaurant owner who doesn’t want to fill in sheets of paper and compact numbers. However, they can be the difference between a glorious bottom line, and a struggling business. Here is a simple way to ask for feedback from your customers and collect useful data.

Why it’s absolutely crucial to ask for feedback


You are not omniscient. You may take your customers’ interests very seriously, but you can’t know for sure what’s working and what’s dysfunctional. There are a lot of things that can go wrong in a restaurant. Your clients’ dish can be served cold. Their waiting time can be intolerable. Your menu may be too complicated. Whatever the case may be, your customers often have an answer.

Not asking your clients for feedback is like turning away from profits. It is much easier to attract people who have already come to your place and enjoyed it, than trying to find new customers. Building trust is the hardest component of running a business. The more you increase your percentage of returning customer, the safer your business will be. This is where feedback will tell you how to make them come back.

On top of that, customers love giving feedback. It makes them feel valued. They also know that if something went wrong, it is likely to change at some point if they tell you so. Sometimes just asking for feedback can turn a dissatisfied customer into a more forgiving human being. The key is to ask for feedback in a smart way, that is, one that is simple for you, and your guests.

Feedback solutions available

Not everybody will give you their unfiltered opinion like Chef Ramsay. Some people are more reserved and prefer a more anonymous way of giving feedback…

Asking clients what they thought of their experience isn’t new. Before tablets and computers were available, customers were asked to fill out surveys. Your best waiters could also ask for feedback orally and report back to you. The problem with these two solutions is that they are far from infallible.

Your waiters will probably not report any feedback highlighting their poor performance. As for dealing with a pile of paper and boxes ticked, it is a tiresome job. This is why tablets have revolutionised data collection for restaurants. From filling up a boring sheet of paper to clicking a few shining buttons, your customers will be better inclined to share their experience with you. You eventually compile much more data, and the data collected is much more reliable.

While you can probably find several different solutions for your customers to give their feedback in a modern and enjoyable way, Getbuzzer went the extra mile to make it effortless for restaurants.

Getbuzzer and its simple solution

With Getbuzzer, you hand over a small tablet with the bill so the whole process runs smoothly. The software can also collect data from email feedback you receive. It then compiles your data and gives you a bird’s eye view of your business.

The advantage you have with the small tablet is that when two people are dining, one can fill up the survey while the other one pays the bill. It doesn’t take any of your customer’s time away.

Additional features include the ability to use Getbuzzer verified comments on your reviews and your marketing. You can use that for your social media campaigns. Like any application, Getbuzzer requires a small investment, which is generally compensated by an increased customer retention.


Too few restaurants ask for feedback. Coincidentally enough, the majority of restaurant owners struggle to make ends meet. When it comes to running a successful business, listening to the customer is the utmost priority. Getbuzzer allows you to do that inexpensively, and in a way that is simple to manage. If you look at the big picture, it is worth the expense.