• Agilysys

    Agilysys provides Point of Sale solutions for restaurants and hospitality. It offers an array of cloud-based and wireless solutions to streamline operations and enhance sit-in or take-out guest experience.

  • AirPOS

    AirPOS offers a portable and simple cloud-based Point of Sale & payments software for restaurants, cafes and bars. It is a complete solution to manage a multichannel sales environment.…

  • Aptito

    Aptito is a restaurant Point of Sale and management system based on iOS mobile devices. This all-in-one digital software solution is cloud-based and offers a complete package of features (inventory, reservation, scheduling, and payroll systems) for restaurants, bars, Snack bars and catering.…

  • Bleep

    Bleep UK PLC designs, develops, manufactures and supports Point of Sale equipment and software applications for the hospitality industry. They cater for bars, nightclubs, pubs, restaurants and cafes throughout the UK and across the globe.…

  • Bluebird Global

    Bluebird provides a complementary range of technology products and services for Restaurants and Hospitality businesses. BlueBird is a reseller of the Revel Systems POS and it’s integrated LivePepper Online Ordering solution.

  • Breadcrumb

    Breadcrumb Pro acquired by Groupon and is an affordable cloud-based Point of Sale solution for iPad as well as a low-cost payment solution on Credit Card transaction.…

  • Centegra

    Centegra provides Point of Sale systems and tills to the quick service, restaurant, pub, bar and hospitality sectors. The back office is cloud based and interfaces with labour systems, 3rd party supply chain management systems, accounting, cash and bank management systems.

  • Clover

    Clover is a cloud-based Point of Sale platform which integrates the functions of a cash register, a card payment terminal and a POS system. It consolidate tasks such as invoicing and accounting into a single unit and collects customer data to use in social media and gives access to a market place of additional business apps.

  • Comtrex Systems

    Comtrex Systems designs, develops, supplies and supports Point of Sale software and ePOS hardware to the hospitality industry.

  • CSY Retail Systems

    CSY Retail Systems provides an enterprise EPoS and ecommerce solutions for retailers.

  • Cunninghams

    Cunninghams is a provider of Electronic Point of Sale solutions for Hospitality.

  • Datasym

    Datasym has been a Point of Sale solutions provider for over 25 years for chain bars, clubs, pubs, cafes, hotels, restaurants and fine dining. Datasym modular software and seamless integration with EPOS suppliers allows to tailor its solution to fit the needs of single site or multi site restaurants.

  • Dinerware

    Dinerware is a Seattle-based company which provides restaurant Point of Sale software solutions to the hospitality industry. Designed for iPhone, iPad or Android use, Dinerware can be found in upscale restaurants, cafes, bar and grills, fast casual restaurants, counter service establishments, quick serve restaurants, hotels and wineries.

  • Emperium Epos

    Emperium Point of Sale is a software solution designed for hospitality and catering businesses (from the multi till, multi-site operations down to a single outlet operation).…

  • Epicuri

    Epicuri is a cloud driven, tablet Point of Sale system developed by ThinkTouchSee, a technology innovation start-up. Epicuri hosts features that helps restaurants book, welcome, service and settle guests with the aim to help restaurateurs better manage their guests experience.

  • EPOS Company

    ECTouch, released in 2008 by Epos Company, provides a Point of Sale system for restaurants, bars/clubs, fast foods…

  • EPOS Direct

    Epos direct is a provider of combined Epos solutions worldwide for cafes, restaurants, takeaways, pubs, bars and additional hospitality businesses.

  • EPOS Group

    EPOS Group is specialized in Electronic Point of Sale systems for several sectors including bars, pubs, convenience, fast food, grocers, restaurants, clubs, hotels, farm-shops and bakeries.

  • Eposnow

    Eposnow provides Point of Sale systems and cloud-based EPoS software to over 10 000 businesses, including restaurants, both in the UK and overseas in 103 countries.

  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)

    HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a system that helps food business operators look at how they handle food and introduces procedures to make sure the food produced is safe to eat.

  • ICRTouch

    ICRTouch is a UK Point of Sale software provider, designed for restaurants, bars, hotels… with over 50,000 installs nationwide. They provide software solutions to independent business owners through a network of over 300 dealers.…

  • Instore

    Instore is an iPad cloud-based Point of Sale system optimised for small and medium-sized business owners, developed by Own group. Designed by a restaurant owner, it is optimized for restaurants.…

  • Intelligent Point of Sale

    Intelligent Point of Sale Limited has developed the first UK based iPad and cloud-based Point of Sale system for bars, restaurants : IntelligentPOS, a computerized cash register for restaurants.…

  • Lashbrooks

    Lashbrooks is an Point of Sale supplier providing solutions to small businesses in need of a single touch screen till or a larger organisations needing our expertise to redesign the way sales and stock are managed.

  • Lavu POS

    Lavu Inc. is a software technology company which developed a full-featured iPad Point of Sale for restaurants available on the Apple App Store.  It is built for Apple iOS mobile devices, and operates on iPads, iPod Touch, and iPhone.…

  • LBS

    Linden Business Systems (LBS) had been for 35 years a UK industry supplier of Point of Sale systems, touch screen tills and cash registers.  

  • Lightspeed

    LightSpeed provides a Point of Sale solution for restaurants. The cloud-based software is available on any device. It offers also a “pro” product tailored to Apple hardware.…

  • Maitre D’

    Maitre’D by Posera is a provider of Point of Sale and management systems for table-service and quick-service restaurants, pubs and bars, hotels and more, with 20,000 customers worldwide and over 100 resellers in 26 countries.

  • MCR Systems

    MCR Systems Ltd provides Electronic Point of Sales systems for the hospitality, catering and leisure markets.

  • Micros Systems

    In 2014, Oracle completed the acquisition of MICROS Systems. Micros Systems and Oracle offer restaurant EPOS software and integrated restaurant management solutions. From large chains to small independents, Micros Systems works with restaurants, pubs, and catering organisations.

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