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The NCASS is the Nationwide Caterers Association, which is a trade association for caterers and suppliers in the UK and Ireland.

Product and Services

The Nationwide Caterers Association provides caterers with the information, systems and support to be safe, legal and profitable.

  • It acts as an alliance of caterers, together with the manufacturers and suppliers to the trade
  • It promotes the businesses of members, including their quality and hygiene standards, and other standards applicable to the trade
  • It ensures that members adhere to the current food hygiene regulations and subsequent NCASS Codes of Practice
  • It supplies services such as arranging insurance cover through our brokers, training courses, buying deals, newsletters, and other publications together with general and technical information
  • It participates in trade shows and other events
  • It develops closer liaison with other organisations and government departments such as The Food Standards Agency, HSE, and many others
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