Food Technology and Innovation

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  • 90 Union Street
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  • London
The Global Food Technology and Innovation Summit is an annual event which takes place in London and attracts the leaders in food innovation, R&D, NPD, marketing and branding from the world’s leading consumer food and beverage companies. The most significant trends and developments in food innovation and new product development vis-à-vis the current economic backdrop and new consumer buying behaviours will be discussed.
Product and Services
FoodInnovate is the food event to learn from the most cutting edge success stories on NPD in the food industry and discover predictions on mega trends and emerging consumer trends just taking hold. This food event will help you understand how the most successful food companies are accelerating innovation to keep consumers loyal at the same time as driving their businesses forward on a range of issues including cost, value added, speed-to-market and sustainability.
  • Learn how to target increasingly sophisticated post recession consumers
  • Understand the new perception of value
  • Communicate true expressions of honesty to fully connect with consumers
  • Create food simplicity and communicate the inherent benefits
  • Understand the latest health trends and how they will impact innovation
  • Strengthen your brand against the private label invasion
  • Develop a successful social media marketing campaigns
  • Ensure you become a first in class brand and leave the rest behind
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