Craft Guild of Chefs

  • 1 Victoria Parade
  • 331 Sandycombe Road
  • TW9 3NB
  • Richmond

Established as a Guild of the Cookery and Food Association, the Craft Guild of Chefs has developed into a Chefs’ Association and has many members worldwide.

Members come from all aspects of the foodservice and hospitality sectors working in a wide variety of positions from students and trainees to top management.

Product and Services

As an association representing the interest of chefs, the Craft Guild of Chefs’ objectives are:

  • To increase standards of professional cooking through greater awareness, education and training
  • To develop careers and prospects of members
  • To help members develop and maintain their knowledge, skills and ability
  • To promote and participate in all levels of craft skills competitions in the UK and internationally
  • To work with industry, education and the media to win greater recognition for chefs and their profession
  • To endorse and promote the use of British and European produce, working with suppliers and manufacturers to create innovative menus and recipe ideas
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