• BCA House
  • 403 Harrow Road
  • W9 3NF
  • London

The Bangladesh Caterers Association UK (BCA UK) is an organisation that gathers about 12,000 British-Bangladeshi restaurants across the UK.

It was established to represent the Catering Industry run by the ethnic Bangladeshis.

Product and Services

Bangladesh Caterers Association UK organises various activities to promote Bangladeshi cuisine in Great Britain as well as in Europe.

Their actions:

  • Promoting their flavoursome authentic food in various UK food festivals
  • Develop a collective leadership culture within the BCA by empowering regional leaders and increasing local partnership
  • Engage with external consultants to find industry-focused solutions
  • Focus their efforts on tackling the two key issues facing their industry: the need to recruit staff from outside the EU and the need for a lower rate VAT rate
  • Raise awareness amongst government and policymakers of the curry industry’s contribution to the UK economy
  • Provide training to support members in their professional development (i.e. Health; Safety, Cooking, Healthy Food, new Recipes). Hold networking events organised by BCA in order to share member’s success and challenges that they face in everyday life
  • Improve and co-ordinate marketing and promotional activities- including developing Strategies to brand British Curry, creating a brand image for London School of Curry, and campaigns to increase BCA member access industry and business related information
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